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November 2, 2013

Utopia village under threat


Prior Approval Application Ref 2013/6589/P for the Change of use from Offices (Class B1a) to Residential units (Class C3) at Utopia Village
Utopia Village submitted a revised application for a change of use from offices to 53 residences on October 15th having withdrawn the first one they made in August.
(NOTE: Comments / objections sent for the first one will not be taken into account for the current application.)
Many of us want to keep the mixed character of Primrose Hill where people live, where people come to work everyday and where we have a really lively mix of services and businesses serving us all. We need to do everything we can to keep the businesses in Primrose Hill. Should Utopia Village switch to residential use, hundreds of jobs will go and much loved local eateries and businesses put at risk.
The recent change in planning law means this type of change of use can be done without the need for a full planning application. The grounds for objection are very limited.
However, we may be able to stop this by objecting using the following points:
  1. There will be a significant increase in vehicle movement by residents, their visitors, taxis and delivery services in and out of the site via extremely limited access routes
  2. Point 1 presents a very clear danger to children/ adults travelling to and from the nearby Primrose Hill school (Chalcot Road is currently a safe route to the school)
  3. There are concerns about access for emergency and service vehicles into and within the site.
  4. The transport report presented by the applicant is simply not sufficient to assess the transport and travel impact of what is a large development in a small and sensitive area.
  5. IMPORTANT: If you sent an objection either to the August Application or to this application and have not mentioned the transport issue, please write again mentioning the above – they will be counted as additional comments.
Send your written objections to Camden Planning Department by NOVEMBER 8TH – please re-phrase in your own words. We understand that if there are many strong objections then the Planning Officer will have to talk to members of the council.
Online to 
Application No 2013/6589/P and open Write Comments Here
Email: Skelli-Yaoz, Tania <> and quote appli- cation number 2013/6589/P in the subject box.

SOUTH-PIEDMONT: the land of truffles!

November 2, 2013

If you can’t really make it for the fantastic truffle fair in San Sebastiano, Val Curone, Italy… then you may want to come at L’Absinthe to try some of the delicious black winter truffles that grow in South Piedmont, homeland of our Ilaria and other goodies like barbera wine…

Check the set menu, available from 15th November until the truffles last!

ABSINTHE-Truffles set menu

DCF 1.0


Vegetarian canapes: tasty and rich!

October 28, 2013

Amazing recipe by our favourite chef Paloma:

Granary toast with fresh goat cheese, dressed with julienne of dry apricots, prunes and granny apple marinated in hazelnut oil.

A feast for the eyes and the taste!


Christmas parties: the new Autumn-Winter Canapes list

October 8, 2013

If you are holding a private dinner, party or major celebration we can come to you to provide the essential L’Absinthe ambience in your own home.

We can help you devise the menu, provide chefs to prepare food on site and put our friendly, professional serving staff at your disposal.

Please find below the full list of canapes and bowls food for the Autumn-Winter 2013-2014: it features our classics and some Christmas choices and new entries.

Spirit-Canapes list-Autumn-Winter- 2013

canapes-mini salmon en croute-3

canapes-turkey-tart (2)

Christmas and NYE 2013 at L’Absinthe restaurant

October 2, 2013

Bonjour everybody! Here our festive package for 2013. Booking are open, still room available!


Check out our lovely Christmas set menu:

Absinthe-Christmas-menu-2013 (pdf file)

and the gorgeous NYE set menu:

Absinthe-NYE-menu-2013(pdf file)

We believe the festive menu offers a yummy and hearty  selection, very nicely priced, that will make your celebration wonderful and satisfying. It is going to be available previous booking and pre-order at the restaurant from the 1st of December, for a minimum of 4 people group. We do also provide vegetarian main course choice on demand.

We will also have our regular menu a la carte and you can book and pre-order for big groups from our usual selection of dishes.

For group of 12 or more we always ask to pre-order the food from a reduced set menu of 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts. You can create your own set menu from the dishes list below and we will price it for you or you can ask us to create one according to a budget.

Absinthe-Dishes list for parties (pdf file)


Contact us at 020 7483 4848 or write at for any enquiries and we will be very happy to help you and make your Chirstmas celebrations very special.

Dining solutions

We do have a bright and cosy private dining room, with a conservatory and a little courtyard,  that can accommodate up to 26 people in case of a sit down dinner or up to 35 for a standing party.

For bigger group (max 50) we can book the downstairs floor of our restaurant, according to availability.

For group up to 10 people we also have our “snug” table, round and very intimate, or la table du patron for group up to 12 people, right in front of our bright windows.

And in case you would like to celebrate at home don’t forget our outside catering service: we cater for sit down dinners or canapes parties and we can provide not only the food but also waiting and kitchen staff and facilities, providing a fully tailored service.

So… happy Chirstmas with L’Absinthe!



“Quinzaine du champignons” – Musrooms fortnight

September 26, 2013

A fantastic set menu dedicated to mushrooms available at L’Absinthe from 7th to 20th October, for only £24.00!

Don’t miss it!


“Quinzaine du champignons”

Mushrooms fortnight


Portobello mushrooms soup, truffle oil


Lentils salad, poached egg, girolles mushrooms vinaigrette


Duck confit, ceps and potato gratin


Fillet of cod, celeriac mash, royal trumpet, beurre blanc

2 courses only £24.00

Call for booking!

Tel.: 020 7483 4848


We don’t live on wine alone (but nearly): episode 1, GALLIA BEER

June 1, 2013

Fantastic! From today the drink list of L’Absinthe restaurant is wonderfully enhanced by 2 French fancy new entries!

Gallia Paris, bière blanche recette à L’Absinthe

(what beer would be more appropriate for us to offer?)

Gallia Paris, bière blonde recette pilsner



gallia beer

Below a glance at the history of this French product,  taken from Gallia website

Before 1890: the embryo

The brewery that originally founded the Gallia beer was created before 1878, it was located « Rue de la Voie Verte » in Paris-Montrouge (today in the 14th district of Paris, « rue de la Voie Verte » became « rue du Père Corentin » in 1945).

At the time, the neighborhood, birthplace of Gallia beer, comprised mostly of mines, fields of wheat, vegetable gardens, and taverns that served the local wines of Bagneux, Montrouge, Chatillon …

Several breweries moved in this neighborhood because they used the underground quarries as cellars for fermentation and storage.

Before 1878, the brewery manufactured « very special » beers: the “Milk Beer”, the “Tar Beer” and “Medicinal Beer”.

In 1879, the owners decided to produce in addition to “special” beers, traditional beers called Gallia. There were four kinds: Forte (strong), Double, Bock and the Petite (little). This was the beginning of the Gallia adventure !

However, at that time, the brewery only produced 20,000 hectoliters annually, which did not allow the organisation to prosper and even led to its dissolution in 1889 …

… but the brewery successfully had a new start with the arrival of Jean-Jacques Wohlhüter, a hops merchant from Strasbourg, who came to Paris to take over the brewery at the dawn of 1890 !

From 1890 t0 1935: growth

JJ Wohlhüter and his associates, created the brewery « New Gallia » in January 1890.

Soon afterwards, the Gallia beer became hugely successful and in 1896, it grew in size from « Rue de la Voie Verte » on one side to « Rue Sarrette » on the other. That same year, the organisation became the second largest brewer in Paris.

In 1898 the brewery took over “The Tavern” restaurant located on Boulevard Richard Lenoir, which will also become very successful. In 1900, the Gallia beer gets a Gold Medal at the Great Exhibition, the highest award for a brewery at that time.

Finally, from 1890 to 1939, during a period of 49 years, sales increased 245% from 39,000 hectoliters to 135,000 hectoliters. The peak will be reached in 1932 with 150,000 hectoliters! It was also during this period that the management of the brewery gradually became a family business when Mr JJ Wohlhüter was relplaced by his son in law.

From 1939 to 1962: The war and its consequences

During WWII, the brewery remained active despite the many difficulties due to shortage of raw materials, coal and labor.

At the end of the war, the directors of the Gallia brewery approached the ’50s with confidence. They invested in the modernization of the plant: land acquisition, construction of a new building, new bottling line etc. …

However, in the late ’50s, the brewery, weakened during the war, started facing several problems: weather upsets, rising costs of raw materials and labor but especially the effects of globalization with rising competition of foreign beers coming from Germany, Holland and Belgium and promoted by large advertising investments.

Sales in the early 60s were situated between 100,000 and 120,000 hectoliters which was much less than before the war. At that period, the Gallia brewery, had not reached the critical size that would have enabled them to deal with the aggressivness of the competition …

From 1962 to 1968: The declin

In the early 60s, the associates of the Gallia brewery started thinking of dismantling the company. On several occasions, real estate developers proposed to purchase the land from the brewery. No positive decisions were taken from these proposals because the company wanted to continue brewing beer.

The negotiations for selling the brewery were therefore conducted with Union Breweries, a subsidiary of BGI (Well established in Indochina and Africa), who wanted to develop its business in France (with the brand 33 export).

An agreement that will allow the continuity of the beer business, will be signed on November 19th, of the year 1962 between the Gallia brewery and Union Breweries. This agreement marked the end of the Company “Gallia,” an adventure that lasted 73 years and having been led by three generations of one family.

Six years later, in 1968, UB will not respect their promise, Gallia brewery production stops, the plant is demolished and more tragicly, Gallia brand is phased out.

2010…: The Renaissance

Forty years after the end of production in Paris, and a century after the creation of the brand, the Gallia beer is reborn thanks to enthusiasts, backed by the descendants of Mr. Wohlhüter


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